The Story of Loki's Reverie

 Why we love what we do

Pagan Woman in robe wearing Lokis Reverie LIve Free T shirt in Heliconia

Loki's Reverie began with a simple question.  Why is it so hard to find high-quality, low price casual wear for Wiccans, pagans, mystics and those that love the mystery and allure of magick and the occult?  Sure you can find a low-quality, high-priced Tarot shirt here and there, some occult or Horror wear, but the quality is inferior, the price is astronomical, or both.  We set out to change that because we wanted high quality, all-original designs that spoke to our spirituality, quest for enlightenment, and general philosophy.  As it turns out, we weren't alone!

Loki's Reverie is now a must-stop shop for creatives, artists, musicians, Buddhists, Pagans of all sorts, Witches, Warlocks, Mystics, and more the entire world over.  You've seen our designs on the streets, up on stage, in movies, and in the sacred circle.  For those that are attuned to themselves and their inner light our all original designs are something that you simply cannot find anywhere else on this world or on any other.

As we've grown, we've expanded our line of garments and designs while staying true to our roots.  Now we bring you much more than a simple T-shirt, we have more than 25 unique, hand-picked garments in all types, colors, and sizes.  Our clothing line and our unique spiritual-focused designs is ever-expanding because we simply love creating new, original, unique fashion to adorn your mortal coil almost as much as you'll love wearing them.

We began quite humbly with a single used heat press and an online Auction account.  We soon graduated to our first eCommerce site in 2014 and quickly grew.  As we added more designs and grew to be more and more popular with the Wiccan and Pagan crowd we decided that it was time to upgrade our printing methods and we quickly turned to the more Eco-friendly and higher quality DTG (Direct to Garment) printing methods that we use today.  Since then we have grown into a worldwide mecca for spiritualist, musicians, occultists, and lovers of nature that express themselves with their wardrobe.

Who Is Loki's Reverie

Meet the Coven


Tristynn Reznik

Co-Owner, Artistic Visionary

Tristynn Reznik is the feminine part of the husband and wife team of Loki's Reverie.  Both Mother and Maiden, she is a spiritual seeker, a philosopher, musician, and artist.  Heading up the artistic portion of Loki's Reverie Tristynn is responsible for the site layout and color schemes, most of our more colorful designs, and more balanced lines we offer.  Big-brained and huge-hearted her designs incorporate geometric designs, large swathes of color, and appeal to the heart, soul, and the lover of nature in all of us.

If you love the look of the site, then you have Tristynn to thank.  Tris also heads up our Social Media presence, is fully hands-on with all the customers, orders, and service and is not only the co-owner of Loki's Reverie, but its compass as well.

Young lady wearing Loki's Reverie magical pentagram Wiccan Witch of the West t shirt in Heliconia color
Man in jeans wearing custom Loki's REverie original mystic Magician Tarot t-shirt in Sapphire color

Dirk Reznik

Co-Owner, Juvenile Man-Child

Dirk is the main web designer of Loki's Reverie as well as having the honor being wed to Tristynn.  If the site doesn't work, it's his fault!  A sort of tinkerer,  backyard Summerland creator,  musician, and an overgrown adolescent, Dirk's designs tend to have  a bit of snark, be geared more towards the allure of the occult and mystic due to his love of grand mysteries and things  beyond our facile comprehension.

Dirk is also very active in the marketing, expansion, and ins and outs of the business end of the process.  Always looking to make you think while you laugh, his designs are very definitely unique and sometimes twisted, but always filled with delight at this bizarre world we are allowed to play in.

Special Thanks to Sean Miller

Web Coding Gunslinger & Consultant

Sean is a full-stack website and web-based application developer who counseled Dirk during the development of this very website.  While NOT affiliated with Loki's Reverie in any way other than his moral support and the lending of his expertise, this website, has benefited greatly from his tutelage.  Sean works as a freelance web designer and application wizard and can be reached for hire via Email:

Quality Clothing

Quality Natural & Organic Garments With Sustainability in Mind

Bella+Canvas clothing logo in black and white
GILDAN clothing logo in blue
econscious organic clothing logo
LAT youth clothing logo in black

At Loki's Reverie we know that you take pride in yourself, your spirituality, and your enlightenment.  Because we are all children of nature, we take extra care to ensure that the garments we print our all-original exclusive designs on are ethically sourced, utilize natural fibers such as cotton and are Eco-friendly.

We proudly offer a variety of hand-picked garments including T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Tank Tops, Muscle T's, Crop Tops, and more from  Bella+Canvas, Gildan, American Apparal, Anvil, Tultex, LAT, and more.

We even offer purely organic clothes from Econscious and others.  We care about our Mother Earth so all of our clothes are good for the environment and USA Made.  


Not only will you look stunning and divine in your Loki's Reverie fashions, but you'll also be doing your part to keep our Earth green and beautiful.

For information on our full line of quality clothing that we offer, CLICK HERE 

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Eco-Friendly Printing

Kornit Printers & Environmentally Conscious Inks

At Loki's Reverie we not only bring you the best quality and most durable clothing featuring our all-original Pagan and Spiritual designs, we are also dedicated to using only state-of-the-art environmentally conscious printing and production methods.

Our garments are printed on Kornit printers which are known for their low energy consumption, high quality, and durability.  Our Direct-to-Garment printing uses Kornit Water-based and NeoPigment inks that are Oeko-Tex™ certified, which means they are safe to print on children’s clothing and reduce environmental waste. These inks provide a high washing colorfast AATCC rating of 4.

This means that not only are you helping to keep this planet alive and green, but your custom-printed garments will endure lots of wear and still look vibrant and colorful.