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Better Bargains On Our Already Low Prices

Woman drummer sitting at drums wearing Loki's Reveri Fed Hex parody T Shirt

At Loki's Reverie we love a bargain just as much as you!  While we already offer quality merchandise at prices as low as the ground we walk on, we sometimes run specials, have seasonal sales, or close out some designs or garment lines that we are discontinuing.

Sometimes we also have individual items in our bargain-bin.  These are discounted, already-printed items that may have a flaw and are being sold at a large discount .

Rogue's Gallery Discounts

Want to get a quick and easy discount on Loki's Reverie spiritual garments for almost nothing?  We love seeing people enjoying wearing our witchy wear almost as much you love wearing it!  If you love our stuff post it wherever you haunt the internet AND send us a picture as well.  If we like your picture, we'll feature it in our Rogue's Gallery here at Loki's Reverie.  If we really love it, we might even share it with the rest of the internet!  Either way you'll receive a special one-time coupon code just for you good for 15% off your next order.  Our accountant says that we can only afford to give 5% discount, but we like our blessings times three!  What's better than getting a discount on something you were planning on buying anyway just for showing off!  CONTACT US to submit your photos for our Rogue's Gallery


Current Sales:

Loki's Reverie Current Sales

Loki's Reverie Lucky 13 Launch Sale

We're ecstatic to announce that our Spring Lucky 13 Launch Sale is curently active!

Select merchandise and selected designs are an amazing 13% off our already low prices.  


Bargains & Clearance:

We Currently Have No items in Clearance or in the Bargain Bin