FAQs: Loki's Reverie Frequently Posed Mysteries

How Is My Order Filled?

Here's what we really love about what we do!  Each and every custom garment order is actually printed specially for for you!  We don't have tons of pre-made shirts sitting around in some moldy dust-filled warehouse, that's just wasteful.  When you order a shirt, your order is filled by pulling a fresh garment from our Eco-friendly storage and then custom printing it for you.  This way you are guaranteed a fresh garment with a fresh design.  This is much better for our Mother Earth; no waste. This also helps to keep the price down because you're paying for your shirt, not a stockpile of shirts you didn't order.

​How Do I Place An Order?​

Just browse our collections of unique clothing, spiritually oriented accessories, and our exclusive spiritual, pagan, and mystic designs; choose your options and add to your cart.  Loki's Reverie makes tings easy and convenient for you.  You'll see that special design (hopefully a lot of designs!) that jumps out as made with you in mind.  Just click on it and you'll see option-boxes to guide you though your selection.

How Do I Customize My Loki's Reverie Shirts

That's easy!  Click on the design that speaks to you.  Choose what you want the design on...we have something for everyone.  We have different styles of shirts, tank tops, muscle shirts, sweatshirts, crop tops, long-sleeved, and even children's, toddlers', and baby-pagan sizes.  Your price for that garment will automatically update for you.  Choose the color and size that's perfect for you (larger sizes cost a little more) and add them to your cart.  There is a small pause as our website magically creates your own unique garment configuration.  Order as many that you like, no limits!

What Types of Garments Do You Carry?

We all have our particular tastes and preferences.  At Loki's Reverie we understand that the wardrobe you use to wrap your mortal coil is all about self-expression.  We carry all sorts of Adult unisex T-shirt, Ladies shirts, Men's shirts, tank tops, raglans, sweat shirts, muscle shirts, crop tops, and more.  We even have shirts made especially for babies, toddlers, and children.

Depending upon the garment, our sizes run from Extra Small all the way up to 5XL, and we carry so many colors that you\ll definitely find the cut, color, and mood to suit your unique personality and style.

You Say High Quality and Low Price: Yeah Right!

No, really!  We hate that old Bait & Switch as much as you do!  You know how it goes.  You see this amazing shirt design at a low price only to discover that there's a surprise handling fee and shipping is outrageous.  Our custom-printed designs start at $15.95 for our economy shirts and your price per selected garment is displayed right up front for you.

Indiana and California residents must pay sales tax (we didn't make the tax laws, but we do have to follow them), and shipping starts at a meager $3.99 for a single T-shirt


Payment & Shipping

We accept most Major credit cards including MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Diner's, CUP, JCB and more as well as iDeal and Pay Now by Klarna.  We also gladly accept Paypal with no extra fees! 

Once your order is placed and processed we're right on it.  Because we custom print each and every garment there is a short delay between ordering one of our unique pieces of spiritual fashion and shipping.  Most Domestic orders arrive at your door in about 10-15 business days.  Our other hand-picked wares may take up to 18 business days for delivery as they require special packing and handling.

Shipping Costs

We hate being overcharged for shipping as much as you do!  Our exclusive Loki's Reverie garments are a low shipping cost of only $3.99 for most domestic orders (Sweatshirts are heavier and are $6.99) and only a few dollars more for each shirt ordered after that.  The more you buy, the less you'll pay, per item, for shipping.  International orders start at $7.99 and go up a meager few dollars for each item after that. 

Our hand-picked wares, such as Altar supplies, Witchy clothing, and Spiritual supplies all have their own shipping costs, but we've kept the costs as low as we possibly can.


Secure Ordering & Payment Options

Our website utilizes state of the art SSL encryption and is guaranteed safe and secure.  Your information and payment data is safe, sound and secure with Loki's Reverie.  Our business is making you happy, not compromising or selling off your personal information.  Here at Loki's Reverie you are safe and sound in our magic circle of secure browsing and shopping. 


Returns, Replacements, & Refunds

Our Mistakes:

At Loki's Reverie we strive for perfection, but, alas, we are human after all.  We take full responsibility for our own mistakes, so if we send you the wrong design, wrong color, wrong size, or we botched one of our custom printed just for you shirts, let us know and we'll make it right for you.  We prefer exchanges as we can donate the ill-begotten garment to charity or sometimes list it up in our discounted merchandise area.  Hard goods that arrive damaged or broken are dealt with accordingly.

While we prefer exchanges , we will refund certain orders upon return.  Just remember that Karma applies, so what you send out you receive back (times three!).  We're super-easy to deal with, just not perfect.

If you have an issue with anything you've purchased from us please contact us to make arrangements for return within 7 days of delivery.  Regretfully if you wait longer than that we won't be able to help make it right.

Your Mistakes:

Hey, we know that you're human, too!  Sometimes you order the wrong size, don't like the color you picked, or something of that nature.  While we wish more than anything that we could just swap you out, we're still a very small family-operated business.  We'll be happy to work you a deep discount on your exchange, but our wares are already priced so low (because we hate being overcharged just like you do) that we cannot.  Don't worry, though, we're more than happy to work something out with you; just drop us an Email.

If your address is incomplete, incorrect, or otherwise undeliverable we're very sorry, but there's not much we can do about that.  We might be magical at Loki's Reverie, but our crystal ball is a bit ineffective at divining your true address.

Need to return or replace an item?  Just Contact Us



Thank you for shopping with Loki's Reverie and Blessed Be