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Mythology, Legends,  & Sacred Places

Being spiritual often also means being in tune with not only our own path, but the paths walke dby our ancestors as well.  Many pagans worship by calling their dieties by an ancient god of goddess' name to personify the traits they aspire towards.  Our past is as large a aprt of us as is our present and future.

Not only do we call the gods of yore from many pantheons, but we also understand the the ancients built places of power along ley lines or sacred spots that are still revered today.  To both honor and celebrate our storied past, ancient wisdom, and inpirational gods and heroes, Loki's Reverie offers an exclusive collection of unique designs inspired by the gods, the goddesses, the heroes, and mystical and magickal places of sacred power.

You may not be able to visit the Great Pyramids or Stonehenge and perhaps Diana will never visit you here in the flesh, but you can carry them in your hearts and minds, as well as on your uniquely-you Loki's Reverie shirt.

Mythology & Sacred Places
High Priestess Tarot Shirt

High Priestess Tarot Shirt

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