Anubis and Ra Shirt

Anubis and Ra are two of the more well-known Egyptian gods.  Tied in with the sun, life, justice, power, and right the two share a storied and symbiotic relationship.  While ancient Egypt may have fallen the Gods of Ra and Anubis are still revered and honored in many ways by many people.


Whether you are a practitioner of Kemetism or are inspired by the lore and symbolism of the Egyptian gods this design embodies the spirit of the art of the pharaohs  in its simplicity and looks elegant and stylish on just about any color.  Seemingly chiseled from ancient brown stone and outlined in vibrant life-giving red, Ra, the god of light and life faces Anubis the god of mummification and aid to those passing into the afterlife.  Filled with mystic symbolism and Egyptian artifacts and symbols of power, this is a simple and powerful design that evokes strong reactions from those that know and questions from those that do not.

Egyptian Gods Anubis & Ra Shirt


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