Pagan Wiccan Blessed Be Greeting Shirt

Much more enlightened than a "How ya' doin'" greeting, the term Blessed Be is used in many pagan and Wiccan rituals as well as a greeting and general well-wishing.  This stunning design catpures the spirit of the term used as a greeting and jumps off the fabric in bold purples with light embossing and a subtle glowing outline to let everyone know that you are bright, cheerful, and wish them all the bounty this sacred earth has to offer.


The flowing text of thie Blessed Be pagan greeting design features masculine boldness coupled with feminine softness, making this perfect for everyone to wear.  While it looks mystical with the broad swooping script, it really pops on dark-colored garments but also lends itself to a more subtle statement on lighter colors.  Perfect for everyday wear as well making you the talk of the coven, this is a simple but elegant pagan design that suits any occasion perfectly.

Wiccan Pagan Blessed Be Shirt


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