The sentiment "What you think, you become" has often been falsely attributed to the Buddha. With this in mind, the underlying message of the quote can align very well with Buddhism's mindful thinking and spiritual cultivation. Making changes is rarely an easy task, and our mental speak plays an important role. If we constantly think we will fail or are not strong enough, we begin to believe that and our path is harder to stay on. If we affirm that even though it may be difficult, we are determined to succeed, we find our path is not such a struggle. Circumstances will come up to challenge us in every way and can't always be foreseen or controlled. We can, however, learn to control how we react to the circumstance. Mindful thinking and mindful living are concepts at the core of Buddhism.  The lotus flower has become one of the symbols representing enlightenment and rising above the murk to evolve into something beautiful. The struggle to survive and reach its potential is the perfect design element to embody the quote.

Buddhist Eastern Lotus What You Think Shirt


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