Celtic Endless Knot Shirt

The endless knot appears in many cultures from the pagan Celts and Europeans to the Buddhists.  It is considered to be one of the eight Auspicious symbols.  It represents intertwining of wisdom and compassion; the endless cycle of birth, life, death, and rebirth; and the union of the spiritual and physical without beginning or end.


This Celtic Endless Knot design is in the traditional circle and features classic Celtic Knot work  with a dark hued brown and amber fade as the borders.  Designed with large open spaces (representing the knots themselves) the color of your shirt becomes the detailing in this classic pagan design of wisdom and endless expansion.  Whether you are of Celtic faiths, Hindu, Buddhist, or other; this spiritual symbol has a special meaning.


Worn as a piece of spiritual self-expression this shows that you comprehend the endless cycles of nature, life, and the universe, as well as the fact that you have amazingly good taste.  Due to its golden brown hues it looks equally stunning on both dark and light fabrics as it pops as bright and loud on bright colors and takes on a subdued and mystical tone on darker fabrics. 

Celtic Endless Knot Symbol Shirt


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