Celtic Wiccan Pagan Star Magick Pentagram Shirt

A little Gaelic inspiration adds an old world flair to this well-known magical symbol of mystery and magic.  Followers of Wicca and pagans in general know and use this symbol of the universe and the self as a general symbol, for casting, and for rituals.  This version has some knot work styling and a Spartan look that doesn't jump right at you but displays its power naturally.

The Pentacle is the traditional 5-pointed star within a circle. Representing the four elements and the spirit or self, this symbol has become a universal symbol for the practitioner of paganism in general, Wicca and the Craft in specific. Also used as a designation of 'degree' in some sects and a symbol of protection , the pentacle is one of the most persistent symbols of the spiritually enlightened and is accepted in nearly all cliques as a powerful representation of our philosophies and religion.

Loki's Reverie has created this traditional Celtic stylized rendition of the pagan pentacle in a high quality T-shirt. Featuring a light colored pentagram with dark borders all interlocked in a Celtic styling, this design is at home on both light and dark colored shirt

Celtic Magic Pentagram Pagan Star Shirt


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