Celtic Stylized Tree of Life

The tree of life is almost universally valued as a religious and spiritual symbol across nearly all religions.  It is the perfect representation of life cycles or renewal and rebirth, our quest for knowledge and understanding, and a perfect analog to represent that what happens in the realms beyond our senses is reflected in our world and reality.


In ornate tracery and glowing hues of vibrant twilight blues this version of the tree of life hints at your deep roots in the ways of nature and of our ancestors in a classy and subtle design of wearable art that is perfectly suited for exploring the mystic woods and  urban fire quests.  Perfect on dark colors to match your deep essence this mystical Celtic tree of life sigil is both subdued and brilliant; however, it really stuns when worn on vibrant and bright colors such as on our Premium T-shirts and many others.

Celtic Tree of Life Shirt

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