The Chariot Classic Rider Waite Mystical Tarot


You are a warrior, a leader, the blazer of trails yet untraveled.  Your tarot is the Chariot.  Unique, fearless and vibrant, this design is perfect to dipslay your inner strength that allows you to overcome adversity and remain true to yourself no matter what.


The mystical divination tool of the classic rider Waite tarot cards comes to life  in full vibrant color.  Hand reconstructed and remaining true to the magical divination artwork of the originals, Loki's Reverie offers you a full line of magical occult Tarot designs on the garment of your choice.


The Chariot represents conquest, victory and overcoming opposition through your confidence and control. Any success will be a result of applying these factors to the situation. You will need to use the strength of your willpower to overcome any obstacles or challenges in your way Upright the Chariot represents control, will power, victory, assertion, determination. In the inverted position (Reversed) it represents lack of control and direction, aggression

Chariot Classic Tarot Shirt


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