Colorful Hand of Fatima

The Hand of Fatima, or Hasma, is a Middle Eastern symbol of protection.  The symbolic open right hand dates back to ancient Mesopotamia and the Goddess Ishtar and the symbol offering strength, fertility, and health, as well as warding off evil--especially the evil eye--transcends many cultures and religions, including the Jewish faith.


This Fatima shirt design features a traditional rendering of the Hasma palm with the eye in the center that one might see adorning the signs of an oracle or spiritual healer.  In psychedelic colors, this design not only lets its Middle Eastern Inspired complexity show through with the design itself being the art, wearable art that will help you ward off evil, but it also stands out bright and bold with a fun and colorful tie-dye feel.


In lighter colored shirts you will look amazing as the spiritual blessings of the Hand of Fatima help to protect you and ward off the evil eye.  On darker colored garments this looks amazing and bold, and is your psychedelic protector watching over you.

Magic Psychedelic Hand of Fatima Hasma Shirt


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