Cosmic Tree

The Cosmic tree is similar to the world tree. It is the center of everything, the joining between the spiritual and physical realms, and the sacred source from which all things spring.  It is the tree of life, the root of knowledge, the branches of power, and the tree of wisdom. 


This representation of the Cosmic tree on our exclusive shirts features a rough-hewn design reminiscent of hand hammered metal, tree bark, and the very earth itself.  Embossed with a bas relief design the tree itself is intertwined with and flows into the borders, the detailing, and back into itself to symbolize that all things begin and end with each other and are interconnected.


This is a dark colored design shot through with silvery lights, so while you'll look mysterious, wise, and amazing with this on any color shirt, it really stands out on darker earth tones or vibrant brights that contrast with the brown and mottled silver.  We all know that all things begin and end in cycles of renewal and union and the Cosmic Tree is an ancient symbol of that truth that transcends religion and philosophy.


Cosmic Tree Spiritual Tree of Life Shirt


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