Cthulhu Is My Spirit Animal

Many of us that delve deeply into the spiritual and metaphysical have sought out an animal guide, a spirit animal, to help us learn and grow or as a familiar.  If you've done so, or are at least familiar with the pagan practices of spirit animals, then you can appreciate the humor of Cthulhu being your spirit animal.


One of the elder gods, Cthulhu awaits beyond the abyss until the door to our realm is once again opened.  Worshipped by some and feared by all, this malformed deity brings chaos and despair.  Poking a bit of fun at ourselves and honoring the terrifying fictional universe created by H.P. Lovecraft this exclusive Cthulhu spirit animal shirt design features macabre greens, pulp fiction styled lettering and just enough mirth to make it humorous while still placating the elder gods.

Lovecraft Cthulhu Is My Spirit Animal Shirt


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