Druidic Sacred Stonehenge Shirt

Stonehenge is one of the many magical and mystical mysteries of Europe.  While stone circles, henges, can be found all over Europe, Africa, and other places, Stonehenge has baffled scholars and historians for centuries.  All that is known is that the ancient Druids built it along magical ley lines as a sacred gathering place.  Whether it was for festivals, rituals, or something else is not exactly known.  Some even say that Merlin, himself a great Druid Wizard helped to create Stonehenge.


Followers of Druidry may know for certain, but the rest of us can only respect this ancient marvel of unknown building techniques and gather there on solstices to see that not only is it a sacred place of power, but that it is also aligned with the solstices.  Pagans of all sorts now recognize Stongehenge as a sacred place; but not all of us can visit the place to appreciate its grandeur.


Our Stonehenge shirt design allows you to carry the magic and mystery of the Druids and Stonehenge with you at all times.  Depicting a detailed sketched version of Stonehenge in its prime complete with stone texturing you can practically feel the power of the magical stones radiating off of your shirt.   Standing tall and proud to greet the sun and to trap the solstice full moon, this design captures the mystery and magic that is this sacred place.  With its grays and dark outlines this looks amazing on darker colors and hints at understated and subdued power when placed on less contrasting or brighter shirts.  whether you are a Druid, a pagan, or just love the mystery and legends surrounding Stonehenge, this is a design that is exclusive to Loki's Reverie.  You will not find this anyplace else.

Sacred Druid Stonehenge Shirt


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