Druidism Awen Shirt

The Druids were the pagan spiritual leaders and advisors for much of Europe for many hundreds of years.  Steeped in magic and mystery their ways still hold sway to this very day.  Due to their attunement with nature and the interconnectedness of all things, the ways of Druidry have been adopted by many pagan and spiritual faiths.


Paying homage to Druids of old and the practitioners of Druidry today this stunning nature-oriented shirt design features the Awen, a well-known symbol of druids and poets, in leafs and sticks with Druidism embossed below it rife with budding nature of ash, oaks, and thorn.  In brilliant live greens and tree-bark browns, this is a nature shirt design unlike any other.  You don't need to be harvesting Mistletoe under the full moon to enjoy the philosophy and communing with nature that were a large part of the mysterious druids.  You can proclaim your kinship to the teachers of yore by wearing this Druidism Awen nature shirt wherever you go, because no matter where you are, your nature-spirit still thrives.

Druidry Druid Nature Awen Shirt


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