Eye of Horus Shirt

The eye of Horus, or the Wedjat eye, is an ancient Egyptian symbol of well-being, protection, and healing.  Derived from the story of the Egyptian God Horus, who lost his eye and had it restored in battle with Set, and then sacrificed it to his father Osiris so his father may be revived it has become a magical symbol of protection that remains in use today.


This protective magical Eye of Horus shirt design in simple in execution with sharp lines and open spaces honoring the open line art style of Egyptian pagans.  It is modernized to gently fade from black to a lighter gray and embossed to give it some depth.  Protecting you and all others from magical evil and harm, this looks stunning on earthy toned shirts and is perfect for any garment of your choice. 

Mysterious, ever-watching and protecting, and like the sky god Horus himself, you'll feel empowered and protected under the eye of Horus.

Egyptian Eye of Horus Shirt


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