Eye of Ra Shirt

The Eye of Ra isn't actually Ra's eye. It represents many things, including the feminine aspects of the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses.  It also represents the sun, Ra being a sun God.  It also represents protection from all things malevolent, as well as powerful magic to help ward off enemies and subjugate one's foes.


Powerful, mystical, magical, and divine we've recreated the Eye of Ra in crisp lines and golden hues of sun rise into dusk to represent Ra's journey across the sky into the underworld each day.  Not only will feel empowered wearing this sacred Egyptian magical symbol of protection and  the gods but everyone will admire your unique fashion sense and self expression.


This eye of Ra shirt design works on any color and any garment of your choice.  Because it is associated with protection, warding, smiting, Ra, and several goddesses such as Hathor, Wadjet, Bastet, and others this is perfect for anyone that wants to express themselves and look amazing while doing it.

Egyptian Magic Eye of Ra Shirt


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