The Fool Classic Tarot major Arcana Shirt


You are nobody's fool, but you just might be The Fool.  A bit of a rebel, a bit of an outcast, and filled with unlimited potential, the fool is a free spirit just like you!  What better way to show off that you are unique and experiencing your own personal journey than to emblazon the mystic symbol of that on your Loki's Reverie shirt?  Colorful and full of potential and promis, this design looks amazing on dark colored shirts but is equally stunning on bright colors.  Perfect for any person because the fool is always with us, this design always seems to move us.


The mystical divination tool of the classic rider Waite tarot cards comes to life  in full vibrant color.  Hand reconstructed and remaining true to the magical divination artwork of the originals, Loki's Reverie offers you a full line of magical occult Tarot designs on the garment of your choice.



The Fool is numbered 0, the number of unlimited potential, and does not actually have a specific place in the sequence of the Tarot cards. The Fool can come either at the beginning of the Major Arcana or at the end. The Major Arcana is often considered as the Fool’s journey through life and as such, he is ever present and therefore needs no number. The Fool is shown at the beginning of his journey with unlimited potential. The sun rising up behind him represents the beginning of his journey. He is facing north-west, the direction of the unknown. He is looking upwards, toward the sky, or Spirit. He is about to step off a cliff into the material world but is he prepared? He has all the tools and resources he needs in the bag on his staff but he has not opened the bag yet. The white rose in his left hand represents purity and innocence. He has a guardian in the little white dog who will protect him throughout his journey but who will also push him to learn the lessons the Fool came here to learn. The mountains behind the Fool represent the realms of Spirit that he has just left and will spend his life trying to regain.


MEANINGS: Upright: Beginnings, innocence, spontaneity, a free spirit Reversed: Naivety, foolishness, recklessness, risk-taking

Fool Classic Tarot Shirt


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