Norse Viking Goddess Frey Shirt

Freya is the goddess of love and fertility in Norse mythology, and she is associated with sex, lust, beauty, sorcery, gold, war, and death. The name Freya means “Lady” and none can doubt that she is all the things that a woman can be, beautiful, fierce, powerful, and capable.


Whether you are a lady or revere the warrior spirit embodied by Freya, this Norse Goddess shirt is for you.  Designed with a retro look and feel this design comes "pre distressed" with worn spots integrated into the grpahics to give it that worn and vintage appeal.  Perfect for darker colored shirts, especially raglans, the distressed look gives it the feel of an old favorite.


Perfect for Shield Maidens and Valkyries of all kinds, as well as a fitting tribute for the berserking Viking in you, the spirit of Freya lends itself well to this retro vintage design that pays homage to an inspirational Viking goddess.

Retro Vintage Freya Norse Goddess Distressed Shirt


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