Green Man Shirt

The Green Man is a common symbol found throughout history and across many cultures and religions.  Depicted in ancient Pagan tomes and found carved on the walls of Christian Cathedrals, He represents the cycle of life, renewal, and rebirth.  To some pagans the Green Man is the masculine counterpart to the Goddess, to others He is merely another face of the horned God.

Green and brown of skin like the grasses and forests of Summer, the Green Man has a face of foilage as he is life borne of the deep earth and blooming in full life.  Our Green Man shirt design pays homage to this nature sprite natural deity with this respectful rendition done in earthy green and oak brown.


The Green Man smiles upon all he sees as you wear this, blessing them with the bounty of warmth, energy, sustenance, and vitality, to be renewed in the great cosmic cycle of life.


Pagan Nature Deity Green Man Shirt


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