Pagan Wiccan Horned God Symbol Shirt


While most of the neo-pagan religions focus on the feminine aspects of divinity the duality of the union of the masculine and feminine intertwined is always present.  For men who follow the pagan path of spirituality and for ladies that are in tune with their more primal selves we've blended the symbol of the horned god into the mystical wiccan moon to show the duality as well as the masculine side of the pagan path in this stunning horned god design.


The Horned God, God of the Hunt, Sun god, etc is the masculine side of Wicca, Paganism, and many other paths.  He is associated with nature, wilderness, sexuality, hunting and the life cycle. While depictions of the deity vary, he is always shown with either horns or antlers upon his head, often depicted as being theriocephalic (having a beast's head), in this way emphasizing the union of the divine and the animal, the latter of which includes humanity.


Sometimes called the sacrificed God and said to be the eldest of the Gods, the Horned God, in The Craft and Wicca, is constantly reborn in synch with the cycles of nature. Many traditions represent the Horned God with the symbol of a circle capped by a pair of horns, or a crescent. In true Loki's Reverie fashion we've reproduced that symbol into a stunning piece of pagan artwork suitable for any piece of clothing or garment. A perfect match to the Triple Goddess Moon symbol, this design features a moonscape topography bordered in a masculine blue with a magickal glow surrounding the whole (the glow shows up best on dark colored shirts).

Pagan Wiccan Horned God Shirt


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