Justice Classic Tarot Major Arcana Shirt


Fair, truthful, accountable and dedicated to your own inner light.  If this sounds like you, then you are the Tarot of Justice in life.  You realize that you are responsible for yourself and that all of your actions and decisions have long term effects and that you are responsible for forging your own future.  Hand retooled and restored in full vibrant hues, this design is as wise and as bold as you are. 


The mystical divination tool of the classic rider Waite tarot cards comes to life  in full vibrant color.  Hand reconstructed and remaining true to the magical divination artwork of the originals, Loki's Reverie offers you a full line of magical occult Tarot designs on the garment of your choice.


Put simply, the Justice card represents justice, fairness, truth and the law. As an outcome, the Justice card indicates that the fairest decision will be made. You are being called to account for your actions and be judged accordingly. Notice that Justice’s scales are balanced, thus its appearance indicates that events have worked out as they were meant to work out and that what is happening to you comes from the decisions you have made and the actions you have taken in the past. You have what you deserve. Justice represents a conscious awareness that your decisions and actions have long-term consequences and your present and future circumstances are most likely a result of these decisions and actions. At the same time, Justice shows that your actions in the future can be changed by a lesson learned in the present situation. You cannot become honest without extending that honesty to yourself and others. Justice reflects the search for truth. You need to know and speak the truth and perceive it in the words and deeds of others. Be fair and just with all and you will soon be able to detect dishonesty in yourself and others. Learn the rules that govern what you are involved with. This is a time to remain objective and to base your judgement on fact and not on hearsay.


MEANINGS: Upright: Justice, fairness, truth, cause and effect, law Reversed: Unfairness, lack of accountability, dishonesty

Justice Tarot Shirt


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