Art Deco King Tut Shirt

King Tutankhamen ruled in the 18th dynasty and took the throne at the age of 8.  One of the most famous Egyptian Pharaohs he restored the ancient religions, moved the capital, and his tomb was discovered mostly intact, which was very rare.  Famous for the Curse of the pharaohs and for the treasures found in his burial tomb, King Tut created a resurgence in Egyptology and Kemetism the world over.


This King Tut shirt design features the famous Golden Mask of king Tut transformed into wearable art with art-deco Warhol-inspired coloring. Electric neon purples and deeper hues give this a unique post-modern look that gives a pastel spin to this iconic mask.  Excellent on any color this shirt is edgy and bright while still captivating and mesmerizing.

King Tut Tutankhamen Modern Art Deco shirt


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