Norse God Loki Retro Distressed Shirt

Sometimes a god, sometimes a trickster.  Sometimes the boon of humanity and often its bane, Loki is perhaps the most famous of the Norse Gods.  Known to be an outcast, a black sheep, and unpredictable Loki is the original free spirit; a warrior, poet, and god of mischief all at once.  Stunning classic Loki-green outlines a retro-inspired rendition of the original chaotic Norse god of mythology as he jumps into battle, but who knows what tricks he hides in his magical staff or who's side he is on?


This Norse God design features a similar retro look to our other Nothland Viking distressed designs with classic T-shirt art and an already worn & faded look that lets the shirt color pop through in its artfully created wear & tear spots.  Looking like an old favorite and suitable for any garment  this will not only help to show off that you are a free spirit with the heart of a true Viking but also stand out on any type of garment you choose.

Norse Loki Vintage Retro Distressed Shirt


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