Minoan Labyrinth

The Cretan or Minoan labyrinth is the oldest form of labyrinth. It comes from the ancient Goddess-centered Minoan civilization which once flourished on the island of Crete in the Mediterranean Sea. This labyrinth is sacred to the Great Goddess, as evidenced by its circular shape (a central symbol of the Divine Feminine). It represents our union with the divine, our interconnected states with it, and it also displays our life's journey with many twists and turns but never ending and rebounding upon itself.


This Minoan labyrinth shirt is a faithful reproduction of the classic Minoan Labyrinth with and update appearance to turn our respect for this universal magical pagan symbol into wearable art with a message as unique as you are. Embossed into looking like a red marbled stone this jumps out on dark colors and is mysterious and subdued on lighter tones.  Some might know, some might ask, but no matter what they do you, you will emblazon yourself with your wisdom-filled self-expression as your journey continues.

Minoan Cretian Labyrinth Shirt


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