Norse Goddess Frigg Shirt

Honored in Western culture by having Friday named after her Frigg is the highest of the Norse Goddesses.  Her name means LOVE, and she is the Norse Goddess of marriage as well as having the dubious honor of being Odin's wife.  She counseled Odin on many things, and her intelligence and wisdom were so revered that the Norse pagan god of wisdom sought her counsel.  She was also known to be a free spirit and had many lovers and was known to be a fierce warrior when the need arose.


Honoring the queen of the Asgard, our Frigg Norse Goddess shirt features the high Norse goddess backed by a Viking round shield adorned for love or battle and surrounded artfully splattered reds.  Like our other Norse deity shirts, this one is pre-aged for you with strategic cracks and worn spots to make this look like your old favorite shirt, but on one of our extremely soft shirts.  The design has that cintage retro look and feel to it.   Like all Norse Viking Pagan goddesses, Frigg is strong, beautiful, a little distressed, full of mirth, and ready for anything.  Express your own similar spirit with this Frigg shirt.

Vintage Distressed Norse Pagan Goddess Frigg Shirt


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