Heimdall Shirt

Heimdall, or Heimdallr in old Norse, is the Norse Viking god of the watch who guards Valhalla from the Bifröst bridge looking out for the invaders that will trigger Ragnarök.  He is also a guardian and friend to humanity being to know to have given the Pagan Norsemen the gift of the gods.  Known to be intuitive and a seer, Heimdall knows the fate of many of the gods and is said to have created human social classes.


This exclusive design pays tribute to the Guardian of the Bifröst.  Heimdall is depicted on this shirt design similar to the other Norse Pagan Gods in this series with a retro-look vintage design that comes pre-distressed and aged.  With strategic worn spots on the design to let the shirt fabric show through, this will look like an old favorite.  Heimdall is shown in profile, watching for invaders, with a Norse Viking Spring Green surround.

Vintage Distressed Norse God Heimdall Shirt


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