Valkyrie Shirt

The Valkyrie are the minor goddesses that choose who lives or dies in battle.  They also pick the most valiant of the Norse Viking warriors and send them to Valhalla, ruled by Odin.  When not training for  Ragnarök, the warriors of Valhalla mingle with the Valkyrie and are served mead.  Known for their poise, kindness, wisdom, and beauty the Valkyrie also serve as warriors, take lovers from among the most worthy of mortal men and gods, and to sometimes affect the events of mortal humans.


Paying reverence to these beautiful warrior furies, our Norse Valkyrie shirt design features a retro vintage look and comes pre-worn and distressed so the graphics look like an old vintage design from decades ago, but are on one of our softer modern eco-friendly shirts.  Embodying the pagan Norse warrior spirit and the power of womankind, the Valkyries hold a special place in our hearts and on our clothing.

Vintage Distressed Norse Valkyrie Viking Shirt


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