Yggdrasil Shirt

Yggdrasil is the Norse world tree, the tree of life, and much more.  Odin sacrificed himself upon it and it is the passage between the physical world, the spiritual world, Valhalla, and the underworld.  It is also the central pillar that bridges the nine worlds of the Norse cosmology.  In Nordic paganism Yggdrasil is considered to be the center of all things.


Paying homage to the Viking pagan belief that the pillar of the world connects all panes of existence and that we are not only born of its bounty, but also must preserve it we've recreated the Norse and Germanic world tree, Yggdrasil, in stunning detail.  Bordered in scrollwork and connected to itself all around, the branches, trunk, roots, and leaves all flow into and encompass each other.  Life is teeming on the tree of the world and you can make out humans spirits animals and even the great Wyrm itself intertwined as part of the whole.


This extremely ornate design is mottled in bark browns to represent the sacred Ash that is Yggdrasil and backed by ethereal cosmic energy in glowing hues of blue that is energy,  magic, and the sky all at once.  This design works best on lighter earthy tones and colors that contrast well with browns but you will look fabulous, mystical, and wise regardless of what color you choose.  Wearing this not only symbolizes your inner wisdom and knowledge that you are a part of the connected whole,  but it will also make the center of attention, just as Yggdrasil is the center, wherever you wear it.

Ornate Norse Yggdrasil World Tree of Life shirt


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