Ornate Egyptian Ankh Shirt

The Ankh is the symbol of life, cyclic renewal, and truth and right.  It is associated with all the Egyptian gods and the Pharaohs held one in their hands to represent their divine power.  Called the key of life, it is shrouded in magic and mystery and is important in Kemetism and many other branches of pagnaism.


This ornate Ankh is done in somber darks and inlayed with golden hued Egyptian symbols that are iconic to Egyptian culture, mythology, and religion.  Looking as it it were hewn from a solid piece of onyx, this lends itself well to lighter colors or medium darks that contrast with the gold tones that backlight the dark stone black well.


The Ankh is many things and like you it is enigmatic, mysterious, and powerful.  Perfect for any occasion, you'll look stunning wearing this on the garment of your choice whether you are adventuring in the sands of the desert or carousing in the city.  It hints at the deep wisdom of the ancients that you hold in your heart and soul.

Ornate Inlayed Egyptian Ankh Shirt


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