Ouroboros Shirt

The ouroboros is an extremely ancient magical symbol of spirituality and philosophy.  The serpent eating its own tail symbolizes infinity, the endless cycle of life and renewal, and the constant evolution of all things.  It signifies that nothing ever disappears, only changes in an endless cycle of destruction and rebirth.

In magic and paganism it means all of that but also represents the changing of one state to another as well as the wisdom that the material and spiritual are one and the same, ever-changing, but always born of each other.  Our Ouroboros shirt features a bright serpent surrounding the sun.  This is a common alchemical depiction and similar imagery is used in magical tomes.  In brilliant hues of sun swept golds and vibrant reds this universal symbol of life and renewal looks stunning when you wear it and will give all the mundane something to gawk over.


A magical occult symbol, a representation of the circle of life, and a concept of inclusion all in one, this Ouroboros shirt design really stand out as being as unique and expressive as you are.

Ouroboros Spiritual Occult Shirt


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