Funny Wiccan & Pagan Out of hte Broom Closet Shirt


Proud Pagans declare your spirituality with Mirth and Reverence.  Gone are the days of the burnings and spite...well mostly anyway! The Book of Shadows sometimes now is replaced with the book of light, as absolute secrecy is no longer required. Even now the United States Government has finally recognized WICCA as a religion. The time has finally come when you can come 'Out of the Broom Closet'


This charming design pokes a bit of fun at ourselves, our faith, and the misconceptions everyone else has about pagans in general.  The iconic witch hat and a real besom leaning against a Halloween parody of one adorn this stunning design with old world text that harkens back to the time of mystery and magick.  You can express yourself, make a bold statement, and proudly declare yourself out of the closet with a smile on your face.


Due to the dark text of this pagan catch phrase, it does look best on medium to lighter colored garments such as our raglan sleeves and the organics, but the calligraphy-inspired text has a light glow around it to make it stand out if you prefer darker colors to adorn your mortal coil.  If you want ot make a bold statement that will leave them both smiling and wondering, then you know why this is one of our most popular-selling Loki's Reverie exclusive pagan designs.

Wiccan Pagan Out of the Broom Closet Shirt


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