Cosmic Balance Shirt

The symbols of the Cosmic Balance take many forms across many faiths.  In some circles of paganism the balance is shown by the combination of the masculine and feminine aspects of the light of the sun and the reflection of the moon.  Surrounded by circles representing the whole of the spiritual and physical realms, the design is simplistic, stunning, and embodies the philosophy that each thing is a reflection of all things.


While this may seem complex, you are also a complex person yourself.  You are no simpleton, you are a seeker upon a spiritual path and the more you learn the more you understand that all things are interconnected.  This Cosmic Balance symbol shirt displays that knowledge and inner wisdom with artful style and brilliant golden hues.  Well-balanced and with each facet melding into the next, this mystical and wise symbol of arcane and spiritual power not only looks stunning when you wear it, but also stuns others when they learn what it represents.

Pagan Spiritual Cosmic Balance Symbol Shirt


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