Pagan Mystical Magic Hex Spell Parody Shirt: Fed Hex


Who says that spell casters can't have their own puns?  Not all pagans cast spells and not all spell casters are pagans, but very, very few of us outside of Hollywood movies actually cast hexes.  That doesn't make this whimsical pagan magic hex spell shirt design any less funny!


A wiccan satire parodying a well-known slogan, this unique and colorful design pokes fun at the misconceptions of ritual and ceremonial magick and how everyone else thinks that it works.  In vibrant purple and oranges with a thin whitish border to offset the text on darker colors this reads Fed Hex, when it absolutely positively has to be enchanted overnight.  A magical pentagram even pontificates the joke and adds pagan flair to the pun.


Humor and the ability to laugh at ourselves is extremely important  in any faith, thrice so in the pagan ideology.  Perfect for gatherings of like minds or just about anyplace else this humorous slogan is great on dark colors and perfectly at peace on lighter colors as well.  Either blending in well with the orange and purple or clashing as an individual statement of fun expression, this is always a fun shirt to wear.

Pagan Magic Spell Fed Hex Witch Parody Shirt


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