Modern Witch Distressed Design Shirt

Witches and pagans don't always live in isolated little huts out in the deep dark forest.  Some pagans, magic casters, and Wiccans live in the big city.  This is a modern world and you are a modern witch.  Inspired by modern entertainment's love of magick and witches this exclusive design features colors that are as bright and bold as you and depicts a cyberpunk witch casting a spell adorned in a futuristic cybernetic outfit.  To make it even better we've pre-aged the design for you, giving it a worn retro feel and look because as pagans and modern witches know, all things new are ancient truths.


This modern design with its worn classic wear is dripping with blacks, gray, and reds and while you will look mysterious and amazing with this on any garment you choose, it tends to stand out the best on medium earthy tones, which is fitting for a true witch.  If you like somber darks or bright pastels, no worries there either.  This Modern Witch shirt not only radiats magical power, but it also works well on lighter and brighter colors and the washed and worn look of the cracked graphics really lets the fabric show through in strategic artistic crevices built right into the retro design.  Perfect for witches of all disciplines and all settings this lets you proudly declare your attunement with nature and your magical powers in this modern world by declaring yourself a Modern witch.

Cyberpunk Urban Pagan Modern Witch Shirt


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