PlayWitch Shirt

There's much more to this Wiccan parody shirt than meets the eye, or bunny ears.  Let's face it, everyone that doesn't understand your pagan ways and philosophy has some silly preconceived notions about who you are, what you are like, and how you worship.  If they're going to brand you a jezebel, then you might as well have a good mirth-filled laugh at their expense.


Reminiscent of a certain famous bunny symbol (a pagan fertility symbol we might add!) we've lampooned the misconceptions about pagans and wiccan to turn the parody back on them!  Wearing a stereotypical with hat and with a sacred magic pentagram in place of the bow tie, this PlayWitch shirt works on many levels. 


All black with royal purple outlines make this really stand out on lighter colored shirts but be more subtle a mysterious with the royal purple jumping out on the darker colors.  Why royal purple?  Well, let's just say that those that judge can kiss a royal something!  A fun design unlike any other, this is great for humor or to make a profound statement about the misconceptions of paganism and ladies in general.

Wiccan Play Witch Parody Shirt


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