Keep Calm And Praise the Goddess Shirt


You are calm, wise, spiritual and serene. While others panic and feel lost you know your path and are a guiding light.  This Wiccan and Pagan shirt design lends homage to the divine Goddess with mirth and style.  With a pagan bend on the popular Keep Calm saying this allows your spiritual pagan path to shine forth in every little detail without proclaiming that you are witchier than thou.  Perfect for all pagans, witches, and nature revering persons, this will look stunning on you when you wear it all while giving a message of serenity and joy.


This design features magical pentagrams highlighted in the crown with white borders to help make them stand out on darker colored fabrics.  the crown is topped with the Triple Moon Goddess symbol representing the phases of femininity as the Goddess herself; from maiden to mother to crone.  The simple black text is a throwback to the standard shirts and due to the dark coloring this looks best on light colors and gives a simple but luxurious look when printed on earthy tones and pastels.  Perfect for you or the witch you love, this design will make everyone else envy your calm wisdom.

Pagan Wiccan Keep Calm And Praise the Goddess Shirt


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