Retro Distressed Odin Shirt

Odin is the battle cry of berserkers throughout history.  Known for his passion, fierceness in battle, animal companions, and for being the leader of the Norse Gods, Odin ruled the world from Valhalla and was as much of an adventurer as the Pagan Vikings that worship him. 


This retro vintage Odin shirt design features a bearded Odin with his ravens, Huginn & Muninn (thought and mind) perched on his shoulders.  As an homage to the elder pagan Norse Gods this Odin design is intentionally done in a retro style and the design is pre-aged with cracks and imperfections (as if from repeated and multiple wearing) built right into the design.  Outlined in life-giving blood red in a splatter pattern and haloed in sun yellows, this harkens to the Norse warrior spirit that so many emulate today.


If you are a Viking Berserker, a follower Norse paganism, or just love Viking and Norse mythology, Odin, the king of the Norse Gods is a design that captures that spirit and is suitable for every color and cut of garment we offer. 

Vintage Retro Norse God Odin Shirt


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