Salem Witch Trials Varsity Team

In 1692 into 1693 as many as 25 persons in Massachusetts were tortured and executed after being accused of being Witches and consorting with the Devil.  Attributed to mass hysteria, political power-plays under the guise of "Christian Justice" and simple sadism on the parts of the town elders, the trials were condemned then and are still a huge blight in the history of America.


Regardless of the fact that not a single individual executed during the trials was a known practising pagan or real witch, the Salem Witch Trials have been used as an historic  focal point by modern-day witch haters everywhere and the public image spawned from the trials have forever tainted the view of a true Witch in the eyese of mundane western society.


We at Loki's Reverie have created this unique Varsity Team design not only to honor those innocents that were executed, but to point out that true pagans, wiccans, and witches have been singled out for hundreds of years.  In a stunning replication of Varisty Team styling this design, Scapegoats since 1692 is the perfect way to show your pagan pride and to take a stand against the ignorance of the mundane indoctrinated.


Perfect on any style garment, this lends itself especially well to the Raglan sleeve styles, ringers, and baseball jersey styles.

Salem Varsity Shirt

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