Shield Madien Shirt

Fierce women warriors known as Shield Maidens were said to have been an important part of pagan Scandinavian culture.  These skilled Viking women would stand battle, defend hearth and home, and wander the lands in full equality with their berserker counterparts.  Brynhildr and Visna, and Lagertha were all shield maidens of renown. Embodying the spirit of today's modern pagan woman the Shield Maiden is an historical icon of the splendor of womanhood; bold, powerful, beautiful, revered, and sometimes even feared  .


Our Shield Maiden shirt design features a noble woman Viking Warrior wearing the fictional, but iconic horned Viking helmet adorned in feminine armor.  She is fierce, she is beautiful, and she is powerful; just like you.  Designed with a retro vintage look and feel this exclusive design is intentionally pre-aged to give it a nostalgic worn and distressed look. Primary colors of blood-scarlet and yellow hues dominate while the whites and grays give this a barely-subdued look demonstrating that you might be standing peacefully right now, but your soul is filled with untamed fury and passion.  You are wild, you are Viking, you are a modern pagan warrior; you are a Shield Maiden.


Vintage Retro Pagan Viking Shield Maiden Shirt


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