Egyptian Sphinx Shirt

The Sphinx is one of the most mysterious artifacts of the ancient world.  Some claim that the Pharaoh Khafre built it, but mounting evidence shows that it possibly pre-dates Egyptian culture by many thousands of years.  It doesn't matter what you believe, we can all agree that the Sphinx is mysterious, magical, and is steeped in both historical significance and mystery.  A symbol of paganism, power, magic, and mystery, the Sphinx has bewildered and delighted for centuries.


Our Sphinx shirt embodied the quiet mystery of the Sphinx in simplicity.  Like the Sphinx it is merely sitting there to the wonderment of all.  No text to distract from this amazing achievement of ancient pagans; just the mystery that the Sphinx itself presents.  The earthy tones of this design lend itself well to darker colors but you will also look amazing if you prefer this design in brighter more vibrant colors.   A perfect way to delight and to quietly display that you also have an aura of silent mystery and power about you, this Sphinx shirt pays homage to a wonder of the ancient pagan world.


Egyptian Mystery of the Sphinx Shirt


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