Spiral Goddess Shirt

The Spiral Goddess is one of the most prolific and powerful magical symbols of femininity and the  ultimate powers of women.  A fertility symbol with ancient and perhaps Celtic origins, it shows up in many cultures dating back several thousand years and is used in magic and paganism today.  It represents the cycle of life, the power of creation that is solely the realm of women and the goddess, and the endless continuation of our life as we grow in this world and move to the next.


The spiral goddess holds her hands high and proud.  She is not ashamed of herself and in total control of the amazing power she holds.  This sacred symbol has been lovingly revered in this exclusive version.  Paying respect to the ancient clay figurines and cave art, our Spiral Goddess shirt art reverently casts the Spiral Goddess as both an icon of feminine power, life, and wisdom and as a magical symbol that represents the ever spiraling life journey, the life cycle of nature reflected in our world, and fertility.


This magical pagan design of the Spiral Goddess is done in earthy-magic clay-like hues so it looks best on garments that contrast reds well but it also lends itself perfectly to muted colors to give it a subtle and understated look.  This archetypical pagan symbol of the Goddess and women is a perfect way to show that you accept yourself as a powerful person and that you recognize the amazing and wondrous powers of women.

Wiccan Pagan Spiral Goddess Shirt


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