Magic Pagan Wiccan Pentagram Shirt

An occult symbol to some, a symbol of power to others, a designation of faith and a symbol of both ourselves and our place in the universe as well as a ritual tool the Pentagram, or pentacle, is a well-known universal symbol of magic, the universe, Wicca, Shamanism, and magick in general.  Embossed and given a shining star look and feel this design works well on just about any colored garment.  Giving you an air of spiritual mystery and magic, some may compliment you on your fashionable use of the occult in your wardrobe, but you can wisely smile because you know the difference.


The Pentacle is the traditional 5-pointed star within a circle. Representing the four elements and the spirit or self, this symbol has become a universal symbol for the practitioner of paganism in general, Wicca and the Craft in specific. Also used as a designation of 'degree' in some sects and a symbol of protection , the pentacle is one of the most persistent symbols of the spiritually enlightened and is accepted in nearly all cliques as a powerful representation of our philosophies and religion.

Wiccan Pagan Magic Star Pentagram shirt


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