Steel Ankh Shirt

This Ankh design is a classic plain Ankh that is a familiar icon of Egypt, Egyptian cosmology, paganism, and as a general symbol of life.  Without ornamentation this ankh shirt pays homage to gods of Egypt with an updated modern industrial look.  Seemingly chiseled out of steel, we've given this a polished modern finish that is seemingly gleaming from the light of Ra Himself.


Just because you understand the powers of the universe and revere nature and the cycles of life does not mean that you cannot also look cool.  This steel metallic Ankh is perfect for any color of shirt and any cut of garment that you choose.  On dark colors it looks intimidating and stark; on lighter colors it looks enigmatic with its industrial tonality on a vibrant background.  whatever color you choose and whether you prefer this on a T-shirt, a Sweatshirt, or something a bit more personalized for yourself, this is a stunning design with sharp lines that will make you really stand out from the crowd of muggles.

Egyptian Pagan Steel Look Ankh Shirt


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