Thor God of Thunder Shirt

Thor is perhaps the most beloved of all the Norse Pagan Warrior Gods.  The God of thunder, sacred trees and places, and the protector of Mankind, his pagan adventuring ways are the source of many legends and stories that inspire us to be courageous to this very day. 


Our vintage retro Thor shirt features the Norse God of Thunder and protection wielding his hammer, Mjölnir, as he stands proud in his pagan divinity, full of strength and ready to take on the universe until Ragnarök.  We've pre-aged and distressed the graphics of this design giving it worn and cracked spots and made certain that the imagery has that vintage look.  Looking like a classic vintage shirt, this will look like an aged design on your perfectly new and bright shirt.  Featuring Timid greens and winter Sun yellows this Thor shirt reminds you of the spring sunsets on the fjords  and the thick lines and solid colors beckon to a vintage comic that is perfectly suited for the retro look and feel of this Norse God shirt.  Thor is the god of thunder and protection and if he is near then he is also guarding a scared grove or place.  Join in his protection and empowerment with this Norse God shirt that you'll proudly wear in the halls of Valhalla.

Norse God Thor Retro Distressed Shirt


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