Traditional Celtic Tree of Life Symbol In Golds

Of all the iconic tree of life symbols the classic Celtic Knot work Tree of Life is perhaps the most widely known.  Reworked into stunning wearable self expression our classic design features embossed golden hues of varying shades to reflect not only the life cycle of the universe as reflected in the tree of life, but also the phases of the sun and our lives.


Perfect for any style of dress the golden hues of this tree of life really stand out on greens, darks, and other Celtic inspired colors but it also pops on brilliant hues so it is vibrant and reflective mirror of you and your moods no matter your color or garment choice.  This is the perfect design to show the harmony between you and the unseen metaphysical world, as above so below.  It is also at home in the pub and in urban settings.

Traditional Celtic Knotwork Tree of Life Symbol Shirt

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