Pagan Wiccan Triquetra Symbol

The three phases of life, child, man, and elder/ maiden, mother, crone.  The universe of past present and future, the physical realm of land, sea, and sky.  Pagans and Wiccans understand that all things go through phases, evolve and merge from one to another, and are all interconnected.  The Triquetra symbol embodies that and serves not only as a reminder that all things change and are interconnected, but also as a powerful warding magical symbol of protection. 


Shining with vibrant energy and glowing with power this iconic pagan symbol makes a multi-tiered and powerful statement of self expression that reflects your inner power, your outer glow, and your wisdom.  Elegant and simple in its design it stands out with understated power and you will look stunning wearing this ancient symbol of power on your Loki's Reverie shirt.


This magical design is a study of contrasting colors from modern and shiny to subdued and dark so it stands out as vibrant and spiritual on lighter colored garments and as a powerful occult magic symbol on darker colored shirts.  Like you, this is deep, serene, and elegant and you'll be proud to display your connection to this ancient symbol of wisdom with your self-expressive wardrobe.

Pagan Triquetra Symbol Shirt


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