Pagan Wheel of the year Shirt

You honor life and the divine through your spiritual connection to nature.  This means that you follow the seasons and solstices, noting the pagan holidays and festivals.  Unlike the boring and rigid grids of the mundane world the calendar of Wicca and Pagans in general is beautiful, vibrant, and a treasure to behold.  Beautiful people are drawn such a beautiful spiritual magical religion and our pagan Wheel of the Year reflects that beauty in its simple artistry.


The Wheel of the Year is an annual cycle of seasonal festivals, observed by many modern Pagans, Witches, and especially Wiccans. Symbolizing the changing of the seasons, marking all eight sabbats, listing the dates, and following the births, unions, and rebirths of the Goddess and Horned God through the cycle of the seasons. This Loki's Reverie version features the more common names for the sabbats, and has pentagram embellishments as well as Celtic inspired spokes and dividers. Rendered boldly in crisp lines with subtle white accenting along the ivy and knot work, this traditional pagan symbol becomes a sacred piece of wearable art in the quality and style your discerning tastes demand.

Pagan Wiccan Wheel of the Year shirt


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