Eight Wiccan Virtues Charge of the Goddess Shirt


Doreen Valiente penned this version of Wiccan traits in the Charge of the Goddess.  Not only are they something that we should aspire to be, but they make a huge fashion statement as well.  Known as the mother of modern Wicca, Ms. Valiente paired spiritual and physical aspects giving all of us, pagan and non-pagan alike, a template for our attitude and outlook.


Because these Wiccan Virtues have such a powerful message we didn't embellish them or make light of them in any way, although Doreen Valiente would have been filled with mirth if we had.  A sweeping and epic old world calligraphy style lettering boldly emblazons the shirt gently changing from light to dark to represent our own duality of nature as well as the union between the physical and spiritual, the body and soul, and the mundane and magical contained in the list of eight Wiccan virtues.


While these tend to look best on bright and dark hued shirts, we've added a bit of an outer glowing outline so you can choose your garment and color to match your personality.  On darker colors they seem more somber, on natural tones they show that you are in tune with the natural world around you, and on bright colors they really stand out.  Perfect for everyone that wants the be inspired, or be inspiring, this design is one that you can always wear with honor and reverence.

Wiccan Virtues Pagan Spirituality Shirt


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